Update on For Time and Eternity re-edits

eternity small

We want to thank everyone who has read  Jerry Skell’s debut fantasy novel, For Time and Eternity.

Mr. Skell is aware of the reports of grammatical and punctuation errors.  This is troubling to him, because he had hired a recommended editor.  He will be having this book re-edited in the future. Please be patient with as that is worked out.

And again, thank you for the support.




The Dragon Master and Roxbury Books

Jerry Skell has spent much of his life sailing and dreaming up stories. Now that he’s retired from a career of nursing, he’s decided to take his flare for telling stories and tall tales to paper, and For Time & Eternity is the first of many books he has plugged away typing.

Jerry Skell Ebook revamp
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Jerry is the founding author of Roxbury Books, which runs a co-op with  hand selected indie authors.

Check us out at Roxbury Books.  All artwork is from Jerry’s upcoming YA fantasy, Isabell and the Dragon.